Skylanders, Best of

January 30, 2012
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Skylanders, Best of

Skylanders, Best of

The Best Skylanders

Today, I thought we would sit down and chat about the best and worst Skylanders available. Or rather the best Skylanders I have available.

Let’s Jump on in to some of the best Skylanders!

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Easily the most powerful Skylander in terms of sheer dps and range, Drobot is the MUST HAVE dragon for your collection. What starts as seemingly a simple dragon who fires dual beam attacks from his eyes upgrades to having the ability to fire 4 lasers at a time which also have a small degree of auto targeting enabled. Combine this with being able to to launch a bladed disc attack as well as a moderate amount of ground speed, turning Drobot into a veritable moving fortress of pain





best skylanders,skylanders,terrafin,nerd farm blog

Land Shark!


Terrafin, hands down the best Skylanders of the Earth Element. I mean what’s not to want in a melee character. He’s got AOE punching, increased melee damage, passive armor that spawns a mini shark attack and can swim under ground while breaking any normal rock formations that he comes into contact with just his fin. This toon also features a body slam abilty that allows for sneak attacks from below the surface. In my not so humble opinion, Terrafin is the ONLY Earth Skylander you need.




best skylanders,slambam,skylanders,nerd farm blog

Ice Smash!


Need a Water Element? How ’bout Slam Bam! Hailing from the Empire of Ice, which is incredible hard to find, the Ice Yeti really packs a punch. Not exactly sure why they gave him four arms because he seems to only attack in twos. When upgraded down the path of punching, Slam Bam is able to to infuse his melee abilities with ice, increasing all damage dealt. However, I don’t think he will be the best Skylanders of the Water Elements, but that is yet to be seen as Wham Shell is not released.




best skylanders,stumpsmash,skylanders,nerd farm blog

Stump SMASH!


This deciduous brute, when upgraded for his melee skills completely annihilates the  competition. He also features a thorn armor and has the ability to vomit spiked acorns and hurl them towards enemies causing damage and explosions. When you upgrade for his stump pounding, he gains a very meat tenderizer like cap for each of his arms allowing greater damage to be dealt. I haven’t noticed any aoe abilities, but he can definitely hold his own even when out numbered.





best skylanders,chopchop,skylanders,nerd farm blog

Lich King anyone?


Maybe he doesn’t hail from the icy lands of Northrend, but Chop Chop knows how to handle himself among the throngs of undead. The only and best Skylanders who starts with maxed defense thanks to his shield. He also can upgrade to a vampiric sword ability or you may choose the path shield bashes. This is one of the few poor choices I made while leveling. If you have Chop Chop take the path of swords.



Stay tuned! More Skylanders headed this way! And as soon as I get my grubby mitts on them, you will know who’s who in the next Best of Skylanders!


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