Harmonix Needs Backers. The Amplitude Kickstarter.

May 5, 2014
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Harmonix Needs Backers. The Amplitude Kickstarter.

Harmonix Needs Backers. The Amplitude Kickstarter.

The Amplitude Kickstarter

Harmonix wants to make another Amplitude, you know the one they made exclusively for Sony and the PS2? That track based music game that required an incredible amount of finger dexterity and just the right amount of strategy to post up the highest scores possible while still creating your own unique remix. So now the rhythm game that put rhythm games on the map has a second chance at life thanks to the Hamonix Amplitude Kickstarter.

Sure Harmonix could eventually make another Amplitude, but with other music games with proper backing already in the forefront of their respective development processes, Amplitude could very well take years to be developed. That’s whey Harmonix has taken to Kickstarter, asking for a rather large sum of money ($775,000) from what their hoping are loyal fans of the series.

amplitude kickstarter,harmonix,nerd farm blogI’ve already backed the project, I would find it almost impossible to not back the company that wants to bring back a game with so many fond memories. I remember mashing away at the PS2 controller behind the register, possibly ignoring all of the customers in the store (I was in video game retail back in the day), and having long gaming sessions with friends spanning from high school to my college years. Those were obviously spread apart, I didn’t have a gaming session that spanned over so many years, that’s just impossible.

Check out Harmonix pledge video on their site along with backer rewards on their official Amplitude Kickstarter page.

Amplitude Kickstarter by Harmonix

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