Yakisoba Western?

January 29, 2012
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Yakisoba Western?

 Sukiyaki Western Django is a fun romp into the fictional Wild Asian West. A modern combination of what boils down to A Fist Full of Dollars and the original Django, it features a lone gunslinger brought into the middle of two warring factions, The Heike (hay-kay) and the Genji. With over done action sequences and everything one can love about cheesy action movies, this one ranks right up there with The Warriors Way.

Although I’m not quite sure if the pseudo racist dialogue was intentional. All of the actors are very clearly not fluent in English save the cameo by Quentin Terintino, whose monologue is incredibly racist in his bastardization of Asian dialect. This amounts to about an hour and a half of great cowboy shootouts, revenge with a tiny love story thrown in.

Next up The Good, The Bad and The Weird.

Thank God Netflix never runs out of this stuff.


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