Snoop Lion + Major Lazer = Pokemon?

January 6, 2014
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Snoop Lion + Major Lazer = Pokemon?

Snoop Lion + Major Lazer = Pokemon?

Snoop Lion + Major Lazer = Pokemon?

So I haven’t listened to anything Snoop Lion since Doggystyle, so I really don’t know what his “style” is now, but it seems he’s taking more of a liking to video games lately. Fans of the fighting game Tekken Tag Tournament 2 know of his famous musical influence in the game, and his very own level in which he sits upon an impressive throne.

So hitting the interwebs today Snoop Lion teamed up with Major Lazer in “Get Away”, bringing us a strange mix of Pokemon battles and side-scrolling action.

I’ll admit, the song is pretty awesome, but I’d need a Pokemon master to tell me if his battles are tactically responsible. I mean, the guy only hits attack every time. Is that usual for every Pokemon battle to just smash attack and hope you win? I sure hope not, seems this “Red/Yellow/Green Version” may not be legit.

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