Las Vegas Comic Expo Is This Weekend!

September 25, 2012
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Las Vegas Comic Expo Is This Weekend!

Las Vegas Comic Expo Is This Weekend!

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The moment that everyone has been patiently, or impatiently waiting for is almost here, Las Vegas Comic Expo will finally arrive this weekend! The expo’s first year has yes indeed moved venues, the desert flash floods moved them from the Alexis Park Resort over to the history enriched Riviera Casino and Hotel. For those of you concerned about the move, LVCE assures you the Riviera is an upgrade, “With a greater floor space, the exhibitors and artist alley will be in one large room… Panels and programs will also be improved at the Riviera, with these areas conveniently located adjacent to the main hall,” making  “attending the Las Vegas Comic Expo more enjoyable.” See, they even put it in writing and I quoted them saying it.

j scott campbell,las vegas comic expo,nerd farm blogWith that whole venue thing out of the way, the Las Vegas Comic Expo has plenty to offer. Besides lots of amazing guests like Simon Bisley, Mike ChoiJoshua Hale Fialkov, Ale Garza, Adam Hughes, JG Jones, Bob Layton, Herb Trimpe, Len Wein, and my personal fave J Scott Campbell, there will be plenty of cosplay (which you know we love cosplay at Nerd Farm and will be taking an abundance of pics to post on our Facebook page), gaming (not video games, tabletops), exhibitors galore, fun panels, and even an artist alley. Our friends Cosmic Comics! even have a booth! Check them out at booth #700.

Panels will be both Saturday and Sunday, talk about everything from zombies to the “New 52“, include costume contests, and finishes up Saturday with a charity auction.

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Of course I saved the best for last, I didn’t even mention the two HUGE stars, Thomas Jane and Tricia Helfer who will both be there Saturday. Thomas Jane the greatest Punisher ever and the chick everyone wants to bang on Battlestar Galactica, why wouldn’t fanboys be all over this? Plus I’m really excited for J Scott Campbell also since I’m a huge fan of the Danger Girl series which came out in my impressionable teenage years and I have to get his two bad ass variant covers for the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe signed.

Tickets for the Las Vegas Comic Expo are still available, you can get them here. Don’t miss this expo, be the one to say you were at it’s first, because it’s only going to get bigger from here.


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