KoA not DoA according to EA. That was just fun to say!

February 29, 2012
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KoA not DoA according to EA. That was just fun to say!


Hot of whatever press they print the interwebs on, EA announced Kingdoms of Amalur is getting DLC March 20th! As per usual, EA is claiming the content will be worth your hard earned money. Well, worry not nerd friends, I’ll give you the breakdown and you can decide.

  1. New Dungeon: Dverga Fastings, filled to the brim with new enemies, and variants of the old ones.
  2. Eight new armor sets, Eight new shields and 18 new weapons, which sounds like enough for any class type.
  3. A player housing area, which will amount to nearly a fully stocked, entire town with merchants and housing.
  4. The Legend of Drell questline which will run in and out of current content apparently.

And on top of all this, “The Legend of Drell” is supposed to be enlarging the entire game content by 15%. No pricetag announced yet but I’m sure it will be  between 1200 and 1600 Microsoft points or whatever the PSN equivalent is.

Hopefully, the KoA team will come through on this, I would like to see this game thrive for a while, though a multiplayer addition would be great too!


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