How I Got CRUSHED At PAX By Skylanders

September 6, 2012
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How I Got CRUSHED At PAX By Skylanders

How I Got CRUSHED At PAX By Skylanders

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They were within my grasp!

Another stop in the journey that was PAX Prime was on the third floor DS Lounge where Activision was kind enough to show me  the new Giants up close and personal. The two gentlemen that were demoing the figures brought a couple assorted 1st Gen. Skylanders with them but also brought Tree-Rex, Crusher and Bouncer with them along with Jetvac, Popfizz and 2nd Gen. Cynder. I figured since Giants are probably the most important part of the new game, (since their name is on the box!), I should probably mess around with them since multiple children wanted to also use the 3DSXLs and who am I to deny their passion?


The Mighty Crusher!

I decided to play with the one I had not really seen previously which was Crusher the Earth Giant. He definitely handles like a beast too! His first move is standard melee and he has a rush/sprint move that slams opponents but what I really liked was his secondary move that pounds the ground and launches three earth blades in a triangular direction out from the spawn point allowing for much greater AOE damage to occur.


The Mechanical Bouncer!



When I was done destroying bad guys with Crusher, I swapped to Bouncer, the Tech Giant. He has a sprint/rush attack that generates lasers from his eyes as well as point and shoot finger guns. His secondary attack is to draw into his chest and launch enemy seeking mortars from his back hatch! His over all design kind of reminds me of Gizmo-Duck from Ducktales, but I thought he was a cool Skylander to use.


The new gang!

I didn’t really get into Tree-Rex and the others for lack of time, but I enjoyed the aforementioned two to my hearts content. So you better get ready for October 21st to roll around…The Giants are coming!


Back to the Farm!

And because I love you, here is some free PAX only loot: 2K634-QMJGD-6XJ67-7Q3GT-Q6DDZ Enter this code in the Xbox Live menu for a free female version of the the Aliens Colonial Marines avatar t-shirt!

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