Gotham City Imposters and it’s After Party

September 1, 2011
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Gotham City Imposters and it’s After Party

There were a helluvalot of games at PAX Prime this year, Borderlands 2 blew me away, but Gotham City Imposters was the game that had me laughing my ass off while begging for more.  I stepped in the line out of complete curiosity before my failed Joust tournament on Friday, I had read a little about GCI and even signed up for the beta prior to PAX,  but none of that could have prepared me for what I was about to play. 

GCI is a class based FPS with a twist, you’re wannabe batman heroes and villains using weapons and abilities unique to your character and class.  We were playing a 5 vs 5 domination type game where you had to control 3 points until the time expired or your team reached 100% domination. I naturally chose the Medic class since I knew no one else would, and started on my merry way shooting fake jokers and healing my allies with my…Megaphone?  Yes a megaphone.  Effing genius, I couldn’t hear it, but I was told by one of the developers next to me that my Medic was pumping his fist while spouting out “Positive reinforcement”.  I was immediately in love…with the game, not the dev…but I couldn’t figure out why while moving around I wouldn’t just stop, I would kind of continue in whatever direction I moved the joystick, that was until I overheard something about roller skates.  I quickly turn to the dev behind me and ask, “I’m on roller skates?” and am answered with a grin and nod, yes.  I let out a girly little squeal of joy, win the game, grab my free swag, and get a VIP invitation from the dev for  the WB after party.

We arrived 30 minutes to this before the doors opened to the WB After Party at Gameworks in Seattle.  Luckily the VIP pass given to me by the dev earlier put me where I’m taking this pic, the front of the line.  The WB after party was comprised of Gotham City Impostors, Lord of the Rings Online, and D&D.  This was going to be a good mix.  I wasn’t expecting much, I just wanted to play some more GCI, and maybe pick a few more developers brains about GCI.  But WB treat their fans right, once we got inside we were given a LOTRO messenger bag, raffle tickets for prizes and two drink tickets for the bar.  So I’m all ready pretty stoked that we’re actually at this party, when it had to go and step it up a notch with free food.  If you know me, you say there’s free food and I’m there. 

I demolish the free food and head over to the 8 screens they have GCI playing on, pick up the 360 controller and start playing my beloved Medic class again.

As I’m enjoying myself way too much, a gentleman stands next to me and begins to watch.  I’m playing fairly well and decide to make small talk, “I’m on roller skates.” is all I said to him.  He laughs and replies “I could have come up to any person, but I get you and the first thing you say is ‘I’m on roller skates’.  I commend you sir.”  we shake hands, have a few more laughs and he hands me his business card introducing himself as a 2K producer, saying I should email him sometime next week.  We part ways and I make small talk with one of the devs asking if they are going to add taunts, he’s unsure, but says the idea has been tossed around.  We drink a lot more, eat a little more, and win nothing from the raffle drawing.  We may not have won any prizes, but we returned to our hotel room with some great stories and unforgettable memories.

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