GeekGirlCon Turned 2 This Year!

August 13, 2012
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GeekGirlCon Turned 2 This Year!

GeekGirlCon Turned 2 This Year!

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Ladies, Time to get your Geek on!

Now, according to 99% of science books, speculation and as well as a physical check I just did, I am considered male. So it was kind of weird going to Geek Girl Con, but I like to keep an open mind about things, and it was a good thing I did! I really enjoyed the con and I see big things in its future as it continues to grow and find support in the community.

Over all, the con is basically a celebration of the female contributions to all things “Geekdom” from comic books, to fashion and even video games. This year the event was held at the Seattle Conference Center over two days (Aug 11th-12th) and showcased a variety of things most females would love! From Hunky sci-fi stars, empowered female game designers to geek themed clothing, no side of the feminine geek was left without an offering. So if you know a special lady nerd, you better be a fine, upstanding gentleman and get ready to take her to the convention built just for her next year!

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Ancient Enemies!

But just because you may not be a woman, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the convention as well, which is where my story begins. I was invited by our own resident female writer, Julie, (whom I call a “writer” jokingly) to  join her own team of designers for the Mystery Box Game Building Contest which took place first thing Saturday morning. When the dust had cleared, we had managed to alienate several opposing teams as well as threaten the life of our mentor, Christine Miller, who was gracious enough not to call security, and we won Judges Choice with our entry: Tar Wars. TW is a strategy based one vs. one board game that allows Giant Mutant Ponies to take on the oppressive forces of the Dinosaur Warlords in a race for the worlds supply of Tar, their most valued resource.

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If I was to hire a paladin, she’d be first on my list!

Once we had completed the challenge, we got to take in more sights during the con, such as the various shops upstairs which featured very cool and interesting takes on another female past time: Jewelry! The most interesting by far was from proprietor Mary Mohsenian with her CuteBricks, LEGO themed jewelry from necklaces to earrings, and all things between. Hopefully soon she is going to be creating (in large part my request) LEGO Plugs so those of us with gauged ears will be able to enjoy some of the geeky, blocky fun! You could even find your favorite heart throbs from all your comic/geeky/nerdy/sci-fi shows encased in larger pendants, or maybe you need to get the male geek in your life clean, so you might think about the polyhedron soap sets!


The other half of my D&D party choice!

All in all, the con was very supportive of anyone who partook, from the 5 year old girl dressed as Pink Princess Darth Vader winning the costume contest to the Pro-LGBT Combic book corner of the floor, no one was shunned. I think everyone should at least hit up Geek Girl Con once in their lives.

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Join the Dark Side, They have flowers and kittens

I will say that the people who organized the convention really knew their target audience though. Digging through my Swag-Bag, I see jewelry coupons, healthy potato crisps, a button, Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Making of” ad, and even a couple game codes for some casual games. It all seems almost stereotypical until you get to the business card for fur suits,ears and tails (furry gear) which kind of struck me as odd. But the most comical thing in the bag was the cat food sample, which made me think “Wow, this says a lot about how they see their target audience!”

Also attending the event were representatives from Popcap Games as well as EA each doing their own little contests, both of which I lost. However, Julie won the Sims (PC) from the EA prize wheel as opposed to my EA Makeup Application Mirror Compact, and Julies boyfriend destroyed the Peggle Tournament to go on to win an Xbox Elite. Needless to say I was a little miffed about my losing, but what can you do but congratulate your pals on their success. I went on to “win” a margarita with my credit card.

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Jewelry coupons, chick flick movie ads and cat food made sense, the furry card….not so much

julie,chewbacca,star wars, nerd farm

The Sims and a pic with Chewbacca? When will she stop!?



Bitterness aside, Geek Girl Con was a lot of fun and guys, if you want to be noticed, it never hurts to wear a Pikachu shirt. I managed a few cat calls while I was walking around, and a second piece of advice would be for Batman, who attended: PUT BLACK MAKE UP ON AROUND YOUR EYES!


Back to the Farm!

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