GeekGirlCon 12 – The Female Perspective

August 14, 2012
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GeekGirlCon 12 – The Female Perspective

GeekGirlCon 12 – The Female Perspective

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When I first heard about Geek Girl Con I was a little skeptical. A nerd convention for the female geek? What could possibly be there? I imagined groups of girls sitting in the corner reading, girls playing girly games like Nancy Drew and JoJo’s Fashion Show, and the occasional dude checking out the hot chick dressed as Sexy Hermione Granger. I was wrong.

I’m sure you’ve already read Nic’s review on the con, but as a girl, I have some of my own opinions.

This convention was an all-in-one celebration for women. It pretty much intertwined comic book, anime, and gaming conventions all into one. With bonus TV and movie favorites mixed in. Huge fan of Buffy? Are the Airbenders like, your favorite team EVER? Is Batman your dream man? Are you a LARPer? This place was for you. And it didn’t end there. If you are into ANYTHING geeky–math, science, physics, robots, books, etc.–there was something here you’d love–all catered to women. This truly was a celebration of the female geek.

Lego Barrettes!

My awesome LEGO barrettes from Geek Girl Con 2012!

The convention spanned four floors. The top level held all the cool merchandise you could buy. While there was so much there to buy, I chose wisely, and picked up a pair of LEGO barrettes and a signed copy of a new book called The History of Ours – Book 1: The Guardians by Natalia Lynn (check back later and you can read my review of the book!)  Other things you could buy included Dr. Who themed steel dice, Mountain Dew scented soap, numerous fan art, assorted Jewelry, and clothing for Cosplay and LARPing, to name a few. It was a geek girl’s shopping heaven.

The next floor down was all the lectures. While I didn’t actually attend any of them (I was way too occupied doing hands on things), the topics ranged from very kid friendly to 18+ only. You could learn how to sew a steampunk outfit, discuss Dr. Who, learn how roller derby and quidditch are changing the game for women, how to customize your own My Little Pony, and get the answer to that ever nagging question in the back of  some geek girls’ minds: “Can geek girls be sexually liberated?”

The main floor was were girls could network and connect with industry leaders and professionals and pick their brains. I found this to be a great addition to the convention since it’s so hard to break into a male dominated industry like games, comics, etc. They even provided Geek Girl Con business cards you could fill out with your info to make it super simple to network.

The basement, in my opinion, was by far the best floor. This is where all the action took place. Starting out the day was the “Mystery Box  Game Design Challenge” in which I’m proud to say our team won Judge’s Choice! You essentially get a box of random objects and 4 hours to make a board game with it. Our game? Tar Wars. You can play as a pony or a dinosaur but your goal is to possess the most amount of precious tar at the end of the game. I don’t wanna divulge too much about it, as I just might make a real video game out of it. Hah. But the REAL benefit of this event, for me, was getting to work with a woman in the game industry who actually helps design games for a living. It was really cool to get to hear her story and how she got to where she is today–Disney Interactive.

Zombie and Julie

I found a new friend in the Pop Cap room!

Also in the basement is where all the tournaments took place. One room hosted a Magic: The Gathering tournament with $5 and $15 buy-ins. Pop Cap had free-play Plants vs. Zombies set up around their room, and hosted Peggle, Zuma, and Bejeweled tournaments. The prize? An Xbox Elite. I’m proud to say my boyfriend won one in the Peggle tournament. I find it kinda funny that a guy won a competition at a convention meant for girls, but hey, it’s all about being an equal right? It wouldn’t be fair to disclude someone from an event that is meant to make girls feel equal to boys. This is also where I won my free PC/Mac copy of The Sims 3, courtesy of EA. All I had to do is spin a wheel! EA also had numerous Xbox’s set up around the room with Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 to play at your leisure.

I would have to say, having it been my first convention ever (minus a food convention I went to once…which was awesome and very…filling) I had a great time. I felt that the organizers did a very good job of including something for everyone and making every attendee feel welcome and important. Being a girl is hard enough, but trying to be a geeky girl equal to geeky guys is even harder. This convention made it a little easier for those girls to feel the equality and gave girls the tools needed to be great, in a male-dominated geek world.


You can see our complete Geek Girl Con gallery on our Facebook page here!

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