Gamescom Continues With Skylanders Giants Reveal!

August 16, 2012
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Gamescom Continues With Skylanders Giants Reveal!

Gamescom Continues With Skylanders Giants Reveal!

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The Giants managed to barge their way into Gamescom as well this year with the introduction of Chill, who appears to be the Water Element Skylander not to be confused with the Water Giant who has not been named yet.

Now while I think the characters design is a little lacking, after having watched her introduction video, I can totally forget that she looks like Jack Frost’s niece. Apparently she can summon a narwhal to devistate opponents directly, conjure frozen ice blocks and also has a sweet looking ranged attack which can be fired in 3 directions simontaniously. This might be one Skylander to keep your eyes on, at least until we get Shroom Boom!


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