Dirt 3 Review

June 17, 2011
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Dirt 3 Review

Dirt 3 Review

 Dirt 3 Review

This Dirt 3 review is going to be quick and dirty.  Hehe, puns.  But seriously, Dirt 3 is the 3rd installment of Codemasters’ thrilling Dirt series.  I’ve been a fan of this series since it’s Colin McRae Playstation days, so naturally I picked up Dirt 3 on day one (May 24, 2011).  Codemasters has done something great for the racing genre, managing to keep it exciting and fresh.  Dirt 3 brings back it’s extremely helpful  ”replay” feature, original race types: rally, trailblazer, rallycross, and landrush; also bringing back some of your favorite rally vehicles.

All of the features Codemasters brought back, they manage to slip some new game types and vehicles in the mix also.  Rally cars range from current Pro vehicles to classic 60’s cars.  The banned Group B, one of my personal favorites, make a much anticipated appearance.  Trophy trucks are gone, replaced with their smaller stadium truck counterpart.  Play is broken into 3 parts, Dirt Tour, World Tour and Multiplayer.  Multiplayer still has its Pro Tour and Jam Session, but added a few game types:Cat and Mouse, Infection, and Capture the Flag.  Gymkhana is a new competitive play type where you get points for doing “tricks” such as donuts and drifting.

dirt 3 screenshot,codemasters,nerd farmThe racing in Dirt 3 is incredible.  Unlike Dirt 2, the cars feel “grounded” and heavy on the track.  Racing is quick and has multiple ways to customise your race style.  ABS, race line, HUD, stability control, damage, downforce, etc. are all customisable.  Driving in the cockpit with the HUD off at 90 mph into a corner, with your windshield wipers wiping away rain, all while listening to your navigators instructions is an experience that I can only describe as exhilarating.  The game is plenty long, and with multiplayer, the replay value is extremely high.  There are plenty of tracks to choose from all over the world.  The tracks are just beautiful, from dry deserts to snow covered mountains.

But let’s talk about what I hate.  Gymkhana.  I am so mad this is in the game.  I admit Codemasters probably felt they needed something new, and I’m pretty sure Ken Block is in love with this.  But I dreaded every Gymkhana event, and there are a lot of them.  20 of the 50 achievements are gymkhana related (including DC challenges).  I don’t care about donuts, I don’t care about drifting, I don’t care about smashing shit, and I don’t care about jumping…ok so I like jumping.  I just want to race, and race fast.  And where are the trophy trucks?  Through the entire Dirt tour, there are only two Landrush events, letting you race the Landrush vehicles twice.  Sure they aren’t the greatest, but I would rather race than do gymkhana.  That is my only complaint about this game.

This Dirt 3 review puts it as my top racing game of 2011 so far.  It begs to be played, and driving in the cockpit without the HUD just feels so rewarding.

Dirt 3 scores an A.


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