Demo Reel February!

February 18, 2012
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Demo Reel February!

Alright up this week are a few games I have been playing so lets get started!

BodyCount Anyone?

I thoroughly did not enjoy this game at all. The combat seems sluggish and the aiming seems ridiculously slow. Graphically, it seems to be just another standard FPS and I know on my budget this is going to be one of those titles I just plain avoid. If I was a betting man, I’d go with this title not doing very well on the market, with a price drop coming right after release.

A Segatastic Sega game!

Ever play a game and you get that unique feel that only a single company can produce? This game gives off so many Sega vibes, almost like I’m back in 2005. It takes place somewhere in the future, though I don’t really know much of the plot other than there is an army of robots, hell bent on destroying humanity and you must lead a team of overly angsty and cliche archetype characters to destroy them. What I DID like about this one was the amount of destruction you can wreak on the opposing robots. Ripping off armor plating and revealing their inner robotty goodness. I will say though, unfortunately for Sega, this one should not be on the $59.99 list. If it was an arcade game it would most assuredly be a must buy title.

Cutesy didn't really win me over.

Lastly, we come to Warp. It’s not terrible, which I guess isn’t the best way to start a review. With what appears to me to be a tiny space ninja, you awaken in a sterile laboratory halfway through being dissected. Then you must complete a series of “tests” which amount to your basic tutorial and skill building features. Suddenly you regain part of your powers and all hell breaks loose. The game sells itself as a stealth platformer, and does that effectively enough. If you’re big on platformers, You might check this one out and see if it isn’t right for you!

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