Batwoman in Serpent’s Homeland

January 24, 2013
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Batwoman in Serpent’s Homeland

Batwoman in Serpent’s Homeland

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“Serpent’s Homeland”

I don’t write about my favorite DC Comic nearly enough, sure Geoff John’s Aquaman is bringing this resurgence to the sexiest comic book character, but Batwoman is easily one of toughest.

J.H. Williams III with the help of W. Haden Blackman have written an almost continuous story spanning and impressive 16 issues, one so full of myths and legends it puts fairy tales themselves to shame. Mystical creatures that not only require the help of the D.E.O, but the Amazonian princess Wonder Woman as well. Every issue is a struggle for life and emotional stability.

Besides the always deep and entertaining stories, J.H. Williams III’s amazing art always blows me away. His art fits Batwoman and, in my opinion, is the best art in any book out there right now. We can even go deeper into what stands out about Batwoman #16 and say the lettering in this issue was a step above the rest also. Todd Klein kills it in this issue, giving every character their own distinct lettering. Sure that sounds easy, but it’s fitting the characters personality perfectly that adds just that much more to an already terrific book.

I just had to write a review about Batwoman #16, it was so impressive in so many ways, I had to let the world know. If you’re not reading Batowman, you should be, and if you can’t start with issue #1, at least start with the Batwoman/Wonder Woman team-up in Batwoman #12.

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