Skylanders Final Wave Rolls in….

May 13, 2012
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Skylanders Final Wave Rolls in….

Now that summer is here, we have finally reached the last wave of the original Skylanders figures. And while I don’t have Warnado, Camo or Lightning Rod, I did manage to get my hands on a few that recently came out, and that knowledge gets passed straight to you!


Probably the most important Skylander in the final waves, Sunburn is currently only available in the adventure pack, The Dragon’s Peak, which I will cover later. While he spent the first part of release as a Toys R Us exclusive, you can now find him at any of the big name game retailers. He has a decent beam of flame attack as well as a useful fireball teleport, which features a small detonation upon reappearance. He isn’t particularly fast nor is he slow by any means, but if you’re looking to maintain range, you may want to use a different Skylander.


My first favorite out of the last iteration, Wham-Shell is, a short to medium range melee character in the water element group. He does have a weak ranged starfish attack, but that isn’t the point of using him. His mace is the path you will probably want to upgrade, then boost his speed through the heroic challenges. He is ridiculously slow to start, however, his strength makes up for this in droves.


While I didn’t expect much with this little guy from the life group, Zook turned out to be probably my number 2 Skylander of all time. His bazooka attack is usable at all ranges, even extreme ranges when you keep the A button pressed. He also generates a floral shielding unit which can be deployed twice at any given time. The shield unit grants him a small cover which he can fire through and enemies have to destroy, but odds are they will be dead by the time it comes down. Zook also features probably the best AOE attack in the game: His mortar when upgraded detonates first on impact then deploys 3 smaller explosions targeting any enemy in range.


Available in the first wave of Skylanders, but relegated to the 3DS version of the game, Ignitor is now out in single pack and included in a 3 pack with Warnado and Camo. He is unique being the only regular unit that comes with 100 strength, the maximum level for Skylanders. He is an extremely short ranged fighter but does feature the ability to become a flame elemental which allows him to basically become a living explosions for a short amount of time. Perfect for when you’re surrounded, or for when the exploding barrels are being dumped down on you during the initial push into the Crystal Eye Fortress! *hint hint*


Lastly, as far as individual Skylanders go, Slam-Bam is the four armed yeti that greets you when purchasing the Empire of Ice adventure kit. A hulking short ranged water elemental group character, Slam-Bam has extremely strong punches which can be upgraded to become frozen maces. He can focus his ice powers allowing him to create spikes of pure ice that can be used for protection or blunt trauma to his foes. He also can travel by way of his frozen surf technique.

Stay tuned for my break down on all 4 adventure kits and their power ups!


More Skylanders at the Nerd Farm.

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