April’s Demo Reel!

April 16, 2012
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April’s Demo Reel!

Well, Srsbizniz, back again for another episode in Demo-Diving! Let’s get started!

Blades of Boring

The follow up to X-Blades. I didn’t ever get around to playing the first one, as I am quite sure a lot of people haven’t even heard about it. This sequel seems to be more about delivering fan service than an actual game. The recipe is really simple when you boil it down: 1 girl + ripped clothing+ inept guards= we don’t have to really care about much else.  And indeed they don’t.  Your character is also given a gun, which I didn’t really see the need to use as most of the baddies were too slow to target me, and also the ability to time shift.  Basically, to me this seems to be a shoddy attempt to create a feminine powered Prince of Persia, and it really falls flat on its face. But hey, there has to be a few people who value hot, naked chicks killing pirates over actually game play and story, so maybe Blades of Time is for you.


Side scrolling, shooter goodness!

A breath of fresh air into a genre that has grown semi stale as of late.  I mean, not a lot has improved or been improved upon since 1942 or Fireshark. You basically get a bunch of 2d sprites on a 2d background or maybe you get lucky with some 3d models on a 2d background. But with Sine Mora (no idea what it means) you get 3d models on what appears to be actual 3d backgrounds. The levels turn and change perspective as you proceed, allowing more of a great twist on an old game style. As you damage bosses your camera angle will change and allow you to move forward and damage another area on the boss. Why hasn’t this taken place sooner!

All of the girls, None of the girlishness!

Have you ever felt that the fighting genre was dominated by men? The average fighting game boasts a cast of 20 or more fighters…but how many are female? Well to you I say, buck the norm with Skullgirls!  A traditional 2d fighter with highly detailed sprites, you will meet a cast of girls that leave all girly facades at home.  From school girls with parasitic attacks to a weird cat girl who can remove parts of her body and remain alive to military grade, rebuilt orphans, Skullgirls throws everything you thought was normal about the fighting game cast out the window.  In fact, there are no male characters in the game! About the only thing normal about this fighter is the control scheme: Light/Hard Punch and Light/Hard kick, but hey, why re-invent the wheel when all you need is a new paint scheme.


Not what you get after eating too much bean dip.

I, like you too are doing now, saw this and said “Wait, what?” In the vein of Angry Birds and others before, this is yet another physics game. The twist here is that you are now playing some sort of living liquid blob, whose sole purpose in life is to kill itself. Lobbing yourself into spikes and walls, attempting to spill your guts, or lack there of, all over packages of bombs or what I think looks like Doritos, to earn points for whatever judge is watching this macabre contest. Maybe I am getting old, or maybe I am not the target audience, but I can’t see why anyone would spend 800 Microsoft points on this at all ever. I mean, $10 for liquid Angry Birds….come on…producers can and should do better for our money. Anyone who says different probably just wants your money.


Really?! Freakin' Really?

Is this really what the world has come to? A $5 commercial for candy? That’s my main beef with this one. I mean, I like Sourpatch Kids…but I wouldn’t pay $5 for a box of them and I definitely won’t pay $5 to play their game. This falls somewhere between the original Super Mario Bros and something a little bit akin to Pikmin as far as game mechanics go. Jump, Double Jump, Grow and Shrink are all thrown in for good measure, but I still don’t feel like Sourpatch Kids, in all of their super delicious glory deserve a game. Let alone my $5 for it.





It just got cheesy in here!

Do you hate Nazis? Do you love over the top explosions and kill cams? Well buddy, let me tell you, Sniper Elite V2 is perfect for you. You are an elite operative, during WW2 and your job is to covertly assassinate any and all threats in the immediate area. During the demo, you will be operating along a known Nazi convoy route, attempting to terminate a scientist with intel on a huge military project. You have your wits and your trusty sniper rifle to do the job. This is where it gets really interesting: When you kill one of your targets, you can actually witness the glory of it. From the bullet leaving your barrel to it entering the enemy and removing vital organs, it is all rendered in beautiful 3d. I was amazing at the anatomical detail used on the x-ray views of the bodies during game play. You can even target explosives to cause massive destruction to vehicles and personnel or the grenades soldiers are carrying for a rewarding explosion off of their hips sending shrapnel  and bodies everywhere.  To give you just the most basic idea of what you are dealing with, I leave you with this shot:

New meaning to Headshot.

See you guys next time!


There are plenty more games to see.

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