All The Skylanders Adventuring You Can Handle!

May 13, 2012
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All The Skylanders Adventuring You Can Handle!

This go, I’ll give you some inside info on all 4 Skylanders adventure sets. So let’s jump right in!


The first to be released, The Pirate Seas, grants you access to an island overrun with pirates who have taken multiple captives by using a match game known as “Pirate Cards”. This is the only real gripe I have with this level. The Pirate Cards takes up most of the level, where as I prefer the hack and slash combat of the normal levels, but the set does come with my favorite Skylander, Terrafin. The Pirate Seas also gives you two power ups: The Ghost Swords and Hidden Treasure Chest.  The Hidden Treasure functions as sort of a hot/cold radar system which allows you to find a 4th chest in each level while the Ghost Swords are an AOE damage bonus that floats around you, striking all foes in your direct vicinity.

Ghostly Swords!

Hidden Treasure!






Darklight Crypt

Health Potion

Sands of Time

With the Darklight Crypt, you gain access to the character Ghostroaster, an undead element character, whom I find essentially useless with his ability to become a ghastly wrecking ball and wield a short range melee skill. Ghostroaster aside, Darklight is probably the best bang for your buck as far as levels go. With lots of baddies to kill, and puzzles to solve with a decent boss fight at the end, Darklight Crypt offers the most out of all four adventures especially in the power up department. The health potion grants a time released heal over about a minute, helping you to conquer the toughest challenges, and the Sands of Time allows you to slow all of your enemies, giving you the upper hand when you are surrounded!

Empire of Ice

Sky-iron Shield

Anvil Rain

The Empire of Ice, is a fun challenge, being unique in that many of the puzzles are floor based. By this I mean COVERED WITH ICE! Though one would think that the set Skylander Slam-Bam, being a yeti, should be able to have some degree of control over his movement here, he does not. Nor do any of the other Skylanders. Drill Sergeant is probably your best choice here because of his short range speed boost, giving you a small advantage over the slippery floors. The addition of the Sky-iron Shield gives you a sweet armor bonus for those tricky boss fights, and Anvil Rain doing significant damage is literally just that: dozens of anvils falling from the sky via what I assume to be the ACME Warehouse.

Dragon's Peak

Sparx Dragonfly

Winged Boots

Lastly, we come to The Dragon’s Peak. The final level pack to be released with the original Skylanders game. And I have to say, the wait seems a bit ridiculous. This level set was by far the shortest of all 4, and doesn’t even feature a decent boss fight at the end. Just a short in-game cinematic that shows the evil “boss” being disposed of rather quickly despite how much trouble he gives you. But it does come with Sunburn, the flame Skylander that you were all waiting for, as well as 2 power up items: Sparx Dragonfly which functions in the same way as the Ghostly Swords in that he orbits your character and fires bolts of energy at your enemies for about 1:30, and Winged Boots which instead of slowing your enemies, give you a major speed boost literally allowing you to run circles around your foes.

I hope you all enjoyed my adventure break down, and stay tuned…with 3 more Skylanders to add to my collection, you can bet on at least one more update until the release of Giants!


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