A Fright(ening) New Skylander Appears!

November 1, 2012
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A Fright(ening) New Skylander Appears!

A Fright(ening) New Skylander Appears!


Since Halloween just came, I thought a little spooky Skylander goodness was in order! Ladies and Germs allow me to introduce you to possibly my favorite new Skylander: Fright Rider!

This undead duo plays pretty interestingly. Given that you control two characters acting as a solid unit, it is one of the more original play styles to come out with this wave of figures. This figure allows you to attack with either melee strikes or a charging sprint that does direct damage to anyone in front of you, and as an added bonus the undead ostrich can burrow his head and allow for subterranean attacks with the rider’s spear acting as some sort of violent dorsal fin!

His spec choice allows you to either enhance his melee skills (which I will be respeccing into when I have the chance) or his charge ability (which is decent but seems a little weak in comparison). If I was going to compare him to any previous Skylander, he most closely resembles Drill Sergeant, minus a projectile attack, and I think he will remain in my favorite slot for Undeads at least until Eye-Brawl comes out later in the year!


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